The Fraud of the Divine Mercy Devotion

As the Easter Triduum starts, the Church is invaded by another fraudulent devotion perpetuated by the late Pope John Paul II (JPII), the novena of Divine Mercy. It starts on Good Friday and ends on Low Sunday or as they call it Divine Mercy Sunday.

A Fraudulent Saint

Helena Kowalska was born and raised in and around Warsaw Poland and is contemporaneous with JPII. She was poorly educated and left school when she was 15 after three years to support her poor family. In spite of her difficulties she entered into a convent after bring refused so many times. She was given the name Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska.

After being the convent less than five years, she reporting that she had visions of Jesus appearing to her. The visions focused on Jesus as the King of Divine Mercy. She continued to “write” a diary from 1931 until just before her death in 1938.

Her cause for canonization was opened and closed by her fellow contemporary countryman, JPII.

A Fraudulent Book

After Sister Faustina’s death, the nuns of her order gathered up her “writings” and submitted them to be approved. However, Pius XII had the writings placed on the Index of Forbidden Books where they remained until the Index was abolished in 1970.

A Fraudulent Devotion

Contrary to normal liturgical rules, JPII instituted the novena to be superimposed over the Triduum and the Easter Octave. According to normal liturgical rules all feasts that fall during Passion Week, Holy Week or the Easter Octave are either suppressed or moved to the by next available date.

For example, is 2006 Easter fell on March 27th. Because the Feast of the Annunciation is normally celebrated March 25th, it was moved to April 4th which was the first available day after the Easter Octave.


Pope John Paul II in his actions caused many people to be led into many false and misleadings “acts of devotion” which only help to weaken and destry many people’s faith. His imprnding “beatification by Pope Benedict XVI not only shows an explicit approval of those actions, but it shows his own complicity to perpetuate JPII’s legacy.

This brief article does not even scratch the surface of many of the question that many people including myself about why would pass over yet another fraud to draw us away from the true and well-established devotion we have had for centuries.

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